Strateole-2 is a French-US project to study climate processes in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) and in the lower stratosphere. The project originality pertains to  the use of CNES superpressure balloons, capable of drifting for several months between 18 and 20 km altitude.

Strateole-2 will release a total of nearly 50 long-duration balloons in three separate campaigns between 2019 and 2024. Balloons are released from Mahé international airport, Seychelles, with the local support of Seychelles Meteorological Authority.


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The @strateole_2 campaign uses @CNES superpressure balloons drifting around the globe to study the climate processes in the Tropical Tropopause Layer and the lower stratosphere, helping #Aeolus validation activities along the way🎈🛰️. Read more👉

.@strateole_2 was also a validation campaign for #Aeolus data. There were an impressive 231 collocations between the balloons and Aeolus🛰️🎈. Basic meteorological measurements provided by the balloons will now be used to validate Aeolus data. Read more👉

Believe it or not: #Strateole2 "grey" balloon celebrated today Jules Verne's novel by completing a stratospheric round-the-world journey in exactly 80 days!
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We started monitoring data from the #Strateole2 balloons. Upper balloons designed to study the equatorial upper troposphere&lower stratosphere providing wind and temperature. Thanks: @NSF @INSU_CNRS @Scripps_Ocean @salcandido @CNES @strateole_2

50 RACHuTS profiles and counting! These are first of its kind profiles of temperature #TSEN, aerosol #ROPC, and water vapor #FLASHB 2 km through the #TTL. Lots of great data ratcheting in. Even early evidence of sub-visible cirrus clouds.

After 56 d + 19 hr of flight, a #Strateole2 balloon just performed the first circumnavigation around the Earth. @CNES long-duration balloons are truly unique to explore the lower stratosphere worldwide!
@INSU_CNRS @IPSL_outreach @Strateole2USA @meteofrance @latmos_ipsl @LASPatCU

The 8th and last #Strateole2 long-duration balloon has been launched tonight from Seychelles. Thanks to all @CNES and science teams for this great campaign! Lots of achievements and lessons learned for next time.
@IPSL_outreach @latmos_ipsl @meteofrance @LASPatCU @Scripps_Ocean

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