Strateole-2 is a French-US project to study climate processes in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) and in the lower stratosphere. The project originality pertains to  the use of CNES superpressure balloons, capable of drifting for several months between 18 and 20 km altitude.

Strateole-2 will release a total of nearly 50 long-duration balloons in three separate campaigns between 2019 and 2024. Balloons are released from Mahé international airport, Seychelles, with the local support of Seychelles Meteorological Authority.


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☁️Atmosphéricienne, Milena Corcos utilise les données de la campagne @strateole_2
pour comprendre l’impact de processus dynamiques (plus précisément des ondes de gravité) sur le cycle de vie des cirrus.
Son portrait est à lire ⤵️

Round-the-Earth #HungaTongaHungaHaapai infrasounds have been recorded by #Strateole2 balloons in the stratosphere several times on days following the eruption!
@CNES @INSU_CNRS @IPSL_outreach @ISAE_officiel @esa_aeolus

#Strateole2 balloon records of #HungaTongaHungaHaapai eruption on Jan. 15th. Impressive infrasound signals in the stratosphere!
@CNES @INSU_CNRS @IPSL_outreach @ISAE_officiel @esa_aeolus

Un tour du monde pour observer le #climat 🌏? Les derniers ballons de la seconde campagne Stratéole-2 se sont envolés cette semaine. 🎈
On vous explique tout ici ⤵️

And this is the launch of the second #Strateole2 balloon in this beautiful Seychelles night. Both balloons will fly near 20 km of altitude for months (hopefully), surfing stratospheric waves around the Earth.

Green light for the 13th #Strateole2 flight tonight. Stars above us, convection approaching from the east.
@IPSL_outreach @latmos_ipsl @Scripps_Ocean @meteofrance

+2 balloon flights tonight. 11 launched so far. And more to come! #Strateole2 continues.
@IPSL_outreach @Strateole2USA @INSU_CNRS @CNES @LASPatCU

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